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Best Place To Buy Bourbon In Louisville

There are a few places to buy rare bourbon in Louisville. The first place to check would be a local liquor store. Many of these stores carry a selection of rare bourbons. Another option would be to order from a specialty online retailer. Finally, some distilleries offer rare bourbons for sale on their websites.

best place to buy bourbon in louisville

The best places to find rare bourbon are Kentucky and Bourbon County, Kentucky. Some Kentucky stores sell only rare bourbons. If you want a true taste of Kentucky, stop by one of the many distilleries.

Bourbon can also be made anywhere in the United States and can be made in Kentucky [1]. When most people think of bourbon, they think of Kentucky because 95% of it is produced there. Small craft distilleries have a lot of freedom to create some of the best bourbon in the country.

Rabbit Hole specializes in bourbon and rye, best exemplified in their rye-forward Heigold Straight Bourbon Whiskey, named for the German immigrant turned stonemason who constructed the manor known today only as the Heigold House Facade, an eerie remnant of a former grand mansion still standing at the intersection of Frankfort Avenue and River Road.

What better place to sip on some bourbon than in a building that used to store it? Doc Crow's Southern Smokehouse and Raw Bar operates inside an 1869 building formerly the home of the Bonnie Bros. Distillers warehouse. Bonnie Bros.' distillery was in the neighborhood of Portland, but their bourbon barrels were housed there. Now, Doc Crow's is a restaurant and bourbon bar steeped in the spirit's history and a staple on Whiskey Row.

Down One Bourbon Bar and Restaurant is the ultimate spot for a game day. Located directly next to the KFC Yum Center in downtown Louisville, this place has been serving up eclectic food fare along with quality bourbons since it opened in 2012. You can satisfy pretty much any food craving you may have at Down One, but their tacos are a go-to.

When in Louisville, you can pretty much spend all of your time on Whiskey Row and keep finding new places to eat and drink, and Sidebar is no exception. Sidebar At Whiskey Row is a go-to spot to watch Louisville basketball for city residents. They have great food, great bourbon, and a great atmosphere to enjoy them in.

Jockey Silks Bourbon Bar first opened back in 1972 as one of the very first bourbon bars in Louisville. Since then, it has sustained as one of the finest. Not only is it one of the founding members of the Urban Bourbon Trail, but it was also named one of the best bourbon bars in America by The Bourbon Review as part of its 2022 awards.

In 2019, Jockey Silks reopened after a renovation period to modernize the space and became an upscale lounge with more than 100 bottles of bourbon to choose from. Its menu is very user-friendly too, broken down by distillery name and distance of each distillery from their location. Here, you will know exactly where your bourbon is coming from, either from places you may have visited yourself or others you did not know existed until a look at the menu.

Levee Bourbon Lounge is the perfect balance between nostalgic and modern. It has a distinctly speakeasy-like feel to it while also being as contemporary, fresh, and stylish as any other cocktail lounge. The bourbon paraphernalia on the walls and warmly colored infrastructure make this place an excellent spot to sip on some great bourbon.

Taste Fine Wines and Bourbons is actually a store to buy bourbon, wine, and other spirits, but this place is nothing like your local liquor store. With a great location in the East Market District of Louisville, this bar/retailer has 438 different bourbons available, 155 of which are offered as part of a guided tasting.

There are two tours that include tastings, the Mashbill Tour and the Connoisseur Experience. Since there is no longer an active distillery, we opted not to take the tour. Instead, we explored the onsite Heritage Center, which is a great place to get an overview on the history of bourbon in Kentucky.

Justin helps us round out our ten best bourbon bars in Louisville. When visitors and locals alike ask him about planning a special occasion meal and/or about a fine dining option that offers a good selection of bourbon, his go-to is Proof on Main.

In 1964, the US government acknowledged that bourbon whiskey was a distinctive product of the United States, and laid out specific ways to produce and label the brown elixir. And though this resolution made it official, bourbon has always had a place in American history, and in the pride we have for the nation. 041b061a72


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